Willard and Jason Stone:

Wiilard Stone and Jason M. Stone rank among the finest sculptors in American History. Jason studied with his late father, the world renowned wood sculptor, Willard Stone. Jason is an award-winning Cherokee-American who was chosen Master of Artists of the Five Civilized Tribes museum in Muskogee, Oklahoma, in 1981. The descendant of the Wolf Clan specializes in masterpieces in wood and bronze. His woodland creatures in their natural habitat are portrayed with an astonishing sense of reality that is unequaled by any other sculptor. He possesses his fathers's unique ability to capture the emotions, wisdom and humor of the Cherokee people. Stone lives in Locust Grove, Oklahoma.

The legendary Willard Stone has been inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. More than 50 of his works are displayed at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa.

Up A Stump and Exodus

"Up A Stump" by Jason Stone (Left), "Exodus" by Willard Stone (Right)

Til Death Do Us Part

"Till Death Do Us Part" by Jason Stone