LELANIE STONE - "Cherokee Lady"

Lelanie is a professional nurse, artist, columnist, teacher and author. An "NGED" Cherokee-American, she has written and published seven books relating to her Native American Heritage. Lelanie, known by most people as the "Cherokee Lady", began publishing her works in 1991, encouraged by fellow artists, family and friends.

Lelanie has worked for over 25 years in many areas of the medical profession, from intensive care to managing a medical program for a Tulsa-based corporation with over 234 offices in the U.S. and 43 bases over-seas. Her interest in Indian Herbal Medicine started an an early age when her grandmother, took her for many walks explaining the herbs and their uses. When she moved to El Paso, Texas, in the 70's she again became involved in herbal remedies. Her friend, also a nurse and Pima Indian, introduced her to several of the local Tigua Indian women who became her guides. Her knowledge of these remedies coupled with her knowledge of western medicine proved to be very useful. Before long, she was known by many of the locals as "La Curandera or the Medicine Woman".

Since her return to Oklahoma in the 80's, she has continued her search for more information on "Native American medicinal herbology". She spends countless hours researching remedies in her vast library of antique books based on "ancient herbal remedies". Her library contains some herbal documentation of Indian remedy reference materials which were printed in 1760. Her research includes trekking across the countryside for herbs as well as interviewing " Elders" from the surrounding communities rich in Native American "herb lore".

Lelanie has been featured in several magazines and numerous newspaper articles across the country. The 1993 Special "Native American" issue of Oklahoma Today magazine featured Lelanie as one of the "Indian Herbalists" of our time. On Internet under "powersource.com" Lelanie is noted as being one of the "Spirit Keepers" of todays world.

Lelanie has performed an annual lecture at University of Oklahoma speaking to the Dental and Medical students on the topic of Indian Medicine as part of their "Cross-Cultural" curriculum which is organized by Dr. Jan Ralls. She writes a weekly column "The Good Earth" for the Muskogee Phoenix - Muskogee Oklahoma, and monthly colums for the Cherokee Cultural Society of Houston and the Cherokee of California.

Lelanie continues teaching herb classes at various locations and is an acclaimed lecturer at universities, schools, educational facilities and numerous Native American organizations throughout the U.S. on the topic of "Healing from the Good Earth".

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